AHA Practice Standards for the Hepatology Nurse


The AHA Practice Standards aim to encapsulate the philosophy and principles underpinning hepatology nursing and describe the requirements for the advanced practice of the hepatology nurse. For individual hepatology nurses, the standards will guide nursing practice and assist in building competence in key areas and encourage ongoing professional development.

At an organisational level, the standards will help guide the delivery of quality clinical care.
The AHA Practice Standards cover 5 domains:

  1. Provision and management of nursing care for people with or affected by liver disease.
  2. Interdisciplinary coordination and care.
  3. Non-discriminatory practice.
  4. Professional self-care and development.
  5. Clinical and community leadership.

The AHA Practice / Competency Standards, first published in 2008, have been updated and reviewed in 2015 following a comprehensive process of consultation and focus testing with hepatology nurses and key stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand.

Download a free PDF of the AHA Practice Standards here, or purchase a hard copy via our online shop.