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2021 AHA Working Groups - Invitation for AHA members to participate

Thursday 17, Dec 2020

The AHA Board is committed to providing increased opportunity for members to be involved in organisational activities and projects. To achieve this, three new Working Groups have been established for professional activity during 2021, providing a variety of opportunity for member involvement.

AHA members are encouraged to review the purpose/focus of each Working Group (listed above) and to consider joining one or even more than one!  Your input to the AHA organisation is valuable and important.

Your work will be acknowledged within the organisation and can be included in your professional development portfolio.

Sharing your expertise and knowledge with your colleagues through Working Group participation provides opportunity for mentoring, collegial learning and strengthening of the organisation as a whole.

We look forward to collaborations ahead leading to successful outcomes.

For further information and/or to apply to join, please click on the name of the working group listed above.  

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