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Why is my AHA membership important?

Friday 24, Jul 2020

AHA membership consists of well-informed forward-thinking and experienced Hepatology professionals who encompass many specialist areas in a variety of settings. The AHA remains at the forefront of healthcare and education and is recognised worldwide. Membership provides opportunity to be part of this community through networking, education, professional development, research and other opportunities provided.

The AHA Board and members are involved in a range of local, state, national and international projects. Here are some examples –

Advanced Liver Disease nurse education
The one day ‘An Introduction to the Nursing Care and Management of Patients with Advanced Liver Disease’ course is highly rated by attending students. In 2019, this ACN and APNA endorsed course was held in Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Brisbane. Course delivery is overseen by active AHA members, the ALD Working Group, who are experienced ALD clinicians and have trained as AHA course presenters. The current WG focus is on changing course delivery options to on-line.

Research Grants and Scholarship opportunities
In partnership with Abbvie, the AHA provides opportunity for members to apply for Research Grants and Scholarships to support original nursing research. The grants have enabled nurse researchers to investigate issues of interest and to share findings. In addition, the AHA uses conference, work shop and webinar opportunities to support nursing knowledge about undertaking research and continues to explore avenues to support members who are novice nursing researchers.

PBS approval for S100 HBV prescribing for NPs 2020
The AHA played an active role in the journey leading to recent PBS approval for NPs to be included alongside GPs as S100 HBV prescribers. The AHA has active member representation on the HBV Clinical Standards and Accreditation Panel, a committee tasked with review of the National Standards and course materials for S100 HBV prescribers and oversight of ongoing education and CPD requirements for S100 HBV prescribers.

Nurse Practitioner Special Interest Group
The NP Special Interest Group was recently formed, in response to the growing numbers of AHA members who are NPs or are undertaking NP studies and are on the NP journey. Australian NPs have a range of issues that are unique to implementation of their roles. This includes addressing institutional, state and national requirements to meet legal, educational and professional standards for practice for NPs. The NP SIG is an active group encompassing members working in a range of settings, with regular communication and collaboration about common areas of professional interest. If you are a NP, or are on the pathway towards becoming a NP, and would like to join this SIG, please contact

Therapeutic Guidelines revision of Liver Disorders Topics
The Therapeutic Guidelines provide Australian prescribers with clear and up-to-date therapeutic information and recommendations at point of care. AHA members made significant contribution to the recent update of the Liver Disorder topics, both through work alongside the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and via individual member contribution.

ASHM COVID-19 Taskforce
With active members on the ASHM COVID-19 Taskforce, the AHA is playing a key role in provision of information, education, professional development opportunities and industry planning, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.

Education, Conferences, Workshops
In addition to hosting our own highly successful Biennial conference, and in collaboration with industry partners, AHA membership provides opportunity for members to contribute to development of workshops, events, conferences, on line modules and courses.

Monthly eNews
Members receive a monthly eNews to their inboxes, aimed to provide updates about activity, opportunities, the popular member profile section and clinical articles of interest.

Member survey June 2020
The recent member survey aimed to describe a ‘moment in time’ snapshot of the impact of health system changes associated with COVID-19 pandemic has now closed. Thank you to members who participated. Data analysis is underway and findings will be shared in due course.

Social Media profile
The AHA maintains an active presence on social media platforms. Follow us now via Facebook and Twitter (@aus_hep). If you have a particular interest or expertise in social media, please contact our social media team via

And finally ...
AHA members are the core to the success of this organisation. Your membership contributes directly to the growth and development of this dynamic organisation and the Australasian Hepatology workforce. For all membership enquiries, please forward via