History of the AHA and its achievements

  • Australasian Conference Viral Hepatitis - First discussed by 38 hepatology nurses on forming member organisation
  • AASLD - Hepatology Associate's meeting - November 2002; clear support identified from ALA and development plan formulated for formation of AHA
  • AHA formed December 2002 - Founding Committee:  
    Chair - Tracey Jones;
    Vice-chair - Julie Rogerson;
    Secretary - Leanne Totten;
    Treasurer - Sherryne Warner
  • Schering-Plough sponsors meeting to develop the AHA
  • First official meeting of AHA workshop - Cairns AGW, October 2003
  • AHA incorporated, March 2004
  • Roche provides meeting time at their first HCV Pegasys launch meeting in Sydney
  • 85 colelagues attend to discuss outline, conceptualisation and the way forward, March 2004
  • AHA update published in GESA News, May 2004
  • AHA presentation, Roches Nurses Symposium, August 2004
  • AHA launched as part of the opening ceremony at 4th Australasian Hepatitis C Conference, Canberra, September 2004
  • AHA education seminar, held in Brisbane, October 20014
  • AHA response to 2nd NSW Hepatitis C Strategy consultation draft, October 2004
  • AHA Strategic Plan developed
  • AHA representation on the National Hepatitis C Project managed by the NSW Multicultural HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Service
  • AHA representation at the Hepatitis C Stakeholders meeting held by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Branch - to discuss the removal of mandatory liver biopsies pre-treatment, February 2006
  • First AHA newsletter produced, April 2005
  • AHA representaton at launch of National Hepatitis C Treatment Week, May 2005
  • AHA exhibition booth at The Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (AHSM) conference, August 2005
  • AHA educational seminar, Australasian Gastroenterology Week
  • First AGM held
  • First travel grant allocated - October 2005
  • First New Zealand committee member elected
  • AHA participation as a convening body Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference, Sydney - also included an AHA chaired session
  • First AHA/Schering Plough retreat Sydney - 'The Road We'll Travel' - attended by 85 nurses 
  • AHA Constitution ratified and adopted
  • AHA/Schering Plough Summit, March 2007
  • Launch of AHA Competency Standards for the Hepatology Nurse
  • Establishment of AHA Education Working Group and AHA Website Working Group
  • 10 year anniversary celebration
  • AHA Consensus Based Nursing Guidelines launched at the Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference, Auckland, New Zealand
  • The Liver Meeting 2013 AASLD's 64th Annual Meeting, Washington, USA - attended by AHA members
  • AHA presents for the first time at APASL, Brisbane, March 2014
  • AHA Practice Standards for the Hepatology Nurse launched
  • New look website launched
  • The course, "An introduction to the Nursing Care and Management of Patients with Advanced Liver Disease" was developed and endorsed by APNA and ACN in 2016 thanks to an unrestricted educational grant from Norgine.
  • The research Webinars were developed from an unrestricted educational grant from Abbvie in 2016 and educate and support members in conducting their own research projects.
  • Research project "Emerald" was a mentored research project carried out collaboratively by members of the AHA in 2016 thanks to an unrestricted educational grant from Abbvie.
  • Research project "Cathpin" was a research project headed by Mary Fenech in 2016 for the AHA funded by a Gilead fellowship grant.
  • The 2017 Constition was updated and accepted by AHA members
  • The course, "An introduction to the Nursing Care and Management of Patients with Advanced Liver Disease" was endorsed by APNA and ACN in 2019
  • In 2019, the Consensus-based Nursing Guidelines were launched after being rewritten and updated thanks to a grant from Bayer. The CBGs can be downloaded here.